The Phoenix

Contact information

Business Name: The Phoenix
Address: 1514 Wisconsin Avenue, Washington, DC 20007
Phone: (202) 338-4404

System details

Size: 30 kW
Installer: Solar City
Date of Install: April 2013

Who we are

The Phoenix, a third-generation family-owned Georgetown boutique, has offered the finest clothing, jewelry, and home decor to its legions of loyal customers since 1955. We got our start as a showcase for the remarkable variety and beauty of Mexican Folk art, and for many years were one of the only U.S. sources for high-quality textiles, wood, and silver from Mexico. In the years since, we have expanded the scope of our business to also feature artisans and designers from the United States and around the globe.

Why we went solar

We first went solar at our residence, so after understanding the process and seeing the many benefits, installing on our business was the obvious next move. We strive to be a “green” business, and installing solar was a way for us to demonstrate our commitment to environmental stewardship. D.C. is friendly towards solar, so the many incentives we could take advantage of made it a smart economic investment that was worry and maintenance free. 

Benefits of going solar

We went solar first and foremost to benefit the environment. We love tracking the production of our panels and seeing every month the amount of carbon emissions we have offset by generating our own energy. We are a vocal voice for solar in our community and are here as a resource for any fellow business or homeowner interested in producing their own clean renewable power.