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The solar freedom bill (HB 2329) and electric cooperative solar bill (HB 2549) will expand solar rights in Virginia.

The Virginia House of Delegates is considering legislation to remove barriers to customer-owned rooftop solar and expand solar rights throughout the Commonwealth.

HB 2329 (Solar Freedom)

  • Removes current 1% net metering cap
  • Reduces barriers to solar on municipal and multi-family facilities
  • Expands third party ownership (PPA’s)to all customer classes

HB 2547 (electric cooperative solar)

  • Raises net metering cap from 1% to 5%
  • Allows PPA’s for schools, non profit entities in cooperative territories
  • Expands solar system sizing from 100 to 125% of previous usage

Contact your Delegate today to urge them to vote yes on these important bills!

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