Support the Virginia Clean Economy Act

Urge your legislators to support the Virginia Clean Economy Act (HB 1526/SB 851)

The legislature is on the cusp of transforming Virginia’s energy system. The Virginia Clean Economy Act needs a final push in order to pass.

The Virginia Clean Economy Act (HB 1526/ SB 851) transitions the Commonwealth to 100% clean energy by 2050. It will expand access to rooftop solar and create jobs.

It does so by:

  • Lifting the net metering cap. This will ensure solar owners continue to receive fair credit for the electricity they produce.
  • Reducing or removing , stand by charges and system size limitations. This utility-imposed red tape makes it harder and more expensive for Virginians to go solar.
  • Expanding third-party ownership. This is critical to helping more Virginians access solar.
  • Setting a target for solar adoption. Setting this goal will grow Virginia’s solar market creating incentives for customer-owned, rooftop solar.