Tell HEC not to short-change future solar homeowners

The Harrisonburg Electric Commission is considering changes to net metering that will affect future solar adopters.

The key policy to support rooftop solar is net metering, a simple billing arrangement allowing solar customers to receive a full credit on their electric bill for the “excess” energy they send to the grid. This policy is based on the commonsense idea that the electricity you produce is equal in value to the electricity you receive from your utility.

Unfortunately, the city of Harrisonburg’s electric utility, the Harrisonburg Electric Commission (HEC), has proposed to change its net metering policy for future net-metered solar customers, effective September 2019. They have not made clear what the change will be, but we are very concerned that their new policy might reduce the full compensation rate for net metering and create barriers to prospective solar owners.

The decision to change net metering in HEC territory was made with little input from existing and prospective solar owners, solar businesses, and other stakeholders. HEC offered no justification or outlined any transparent process for their proposed changes that will affect future solar homeowners and businesses.

We can’t allow HEC to short-change solar homeowners and businesses. Act now and share this page to keep the HEC in check!

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