Host a Virtual Solar Happy Hour

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Download our Virtual Happy Hour Toolkit!

Why host a Virtual Solar Happy Hour?

We are all looking for ways to make meaningful connections during this time of social distancing. Let’s raise a glass (soda, beer, wine, coffee, or drink of your choice), share a laugh or two and see each other’s faces during this challenging time!

Use your virtual happy hour to do something good for your community during these tough times. Solar United Neighbors recently joined a large coalition of nonprofit organizations in a campaign to help make stopping power shut offs during this time mandatory during the COVID-19 epidemic. In addition, we are asking for commitments from utilities to build more distributed, equitable and resilient energy systems. Read the full letter here.  Happy hour hosts and attendees can color one of these signs, take a selfie and then post it on social media to show your support for #NoShutOffs.

How it Works

  1. Sign up to host a virtual solar happy hour!
  2. Download our Virtual Solar Happy Hour guide, and take a look through it
  3. Plan your virtual solar happy hour event
  4. Enjoy your happy hour
  5. Share your support for #NoShutOffs and an equitable and resilient energy system

Download our Virtual Happy Hour Toolkit!