WeatherMaster Windows

Contact information

Business Name: WeatherMaster Windows
Address: 2115 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21231
Phone: (410) 675-1600

System details

Size: 20 kW
Installer: Blue Ridge Energy
Date of Install: November 2014

Who we are

WeatherMaster Windows provides quality replacement windows for residential and commercial installation projects in Maryland and Northern Virginia. We are family-owned and operated, and specialize in optimizing the energy efficiency of homes and commercial buildings by providing custom built windows at affordable prices

Why we went solar

We try to make sustainability part of everything we do. This is found in the high efficiency lighting in our warehouse, motion sensing light switches, micro-zoned HVAC to heat and cool only occupied spaces, and 100% Energy Star certified equipment (except for things like our forklift—there aren’t any Energy Star forklifts just yet).

Benefits of going solar

Solar is a simple, no-moving-parts solution to producing clean, predictable, and low-cost energy for our business. Our system was designed to supply 95% of our usage but has been achieving over 100%, generating a refund from our utility company. It was great to work with likeminded people to complete our installation, and to know we’re doing our part to benefit future generations.