Solar for all in West Virginia

What is solar for all?

For nearly two centuries, Appalachia has powered America with energy—from coal to oil to gas.  We are the backbone of the American economy. But the world is changing all around us.  We need safe, reliable energy that builds wealth here at home. Solar energy is the opportunity Appalachia has been waiting for to rebuild our towns and diversify our economy. It is vital that the benefits of solar reach every West Virginian.

Solar for all in West Virginia

We work to expand solar access in diverse West Virginia communities. We work closely with community groups, churches, municipalities, and nonprofits of every stripe to build programs and projects that make solar affordable and accessible.


West Virginia Resources

  • Solar discrimination against non-profits and businesses -West Virginia’s businesses, churches, and nonprofits get paid 60 percent less for their solar electricity than a homeowner next door. This isn’t fair. We put together a paper that details the problem and the solution.
  • New Vision Renewable Energy – A nonprofit located in Philip, WV, New Vision works locally and globally with faith-based and community organizations to get renewable products into the hands of the people who will benefit the most. They organize time banks and community “barn raisings” to help low-income families go solar and save on their electric bills. Check out our detailed profile of New Vision Energy’s work in West Virginia.

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