Brews from the Sun

We are proud to announce the winners of the 2018 Brews from the Sun competition, the first annual contest to crown America’s favorite solar craft brewery! Thank you to the more than 9,200 solar supporters and craft beer enthusiasts who voted in the competition, as well as the 41 solar craft breweries who competed.

Congratulations to 2018 Winner Mudshark Brewery from Lake Havasu City, Arizona!

Being a part of the Brews from the Sun competition has been a lot of fun! It has given our entire company, from our sales team, servers, bartenders, management and brewers the opportunity to engage with our customers on our sustainability efforts. We have been able to spread the word and encourage others to join us in going solar! Tina Stocking – Mudshark Brewery

We also want to congratulate 2018 First Runner-up Legal Remedy Brewing Company, from Rock Hill, SC, and 2018 Second Runner-up Flathead Lake Brewing Company, from Bigfork, MT!

Final Voting Results

The annual competition to crown Americas favorite solar brewery!

Across the country, breweries are going solar. Whether it’s to reduce electricity bills or demonstrate their commitment to clean energy, many breweries see the benefits of solar and are making the switch. And, solar supporters are big fans of breweries that have made the choice to install solar! Our members are constantly raving about their favorite solar breweries—and their favorite brews from the sun.

But as any true craft beer enthusiast will tell you, not all brews are created equal. So that got us thinking: What is America’s favorite solar brewery?

That’s why Solar United Neighbors started the Brews from the Sun competition to crown America’s favorite craft brewery! The annual competition gives solar supporters and craft beer enthusiasts from across the country the chance to vote for their favorite brewery that has gone solar. The competition reflects our belief that the craft beer industry is an important part of our transition to a clean, local energy system that benefits everyone. Solar and great beer? What could be better!?

U.S. craft breweries that have gone solar

U.S. craft breweries that have gone solar

Craft breweries are going solar across the United States. We're keeping a list of all the craft breweries we can find that have made the choice to go solar. Find a solar brewery near you!
117 craft breweries and counting!

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