Early solar adopter NewAge® Industries sponsors Brews from the Sun

By Ben Delman on June 11, 2019

A 1 MW solar array provides about half of NewAge’s electricity needs.

NewAge® Industries has used solar to power the company since 2011. Its Southampton, Pennsylvania headquarters is home to a 1 MW, 4000+ panel array. This system provides more than half of the manufacturer’s energy needs. NewAge manufactures fluid transfer equipment for the brewing industry under the brand BrewSavor™. NewAge’s decision to go solar is part of the employee-owned, 65-year-old company’s commitment to continually minimizing its environmental impact.

“BrewSavor™ by NewAge Industries is happy to partner with Brews from the Sun in support of brewing North America’s best beers using solar energy,” said Michael Tangreti, Director of Marketing at NewAge Industries.  “Since our commitment to solar energy in 2011, our team has united in growing our business with a focus on the customer experience, community, and our environment. Being “green” is a part of our DNA and this partnership is a natural fit. It’s the perfect way to share our mission with our brew-loving comrades.”

BrewSavor™ offers fluid transfer solutions for every step of the beer brewing process. Tubing and hose are engineered for both low and high temperature applications involving craft and home brewing.

The company made it a point to use only U.S.-made components — solar panels, inverters, the racking system — to support American manufacturing.

Going solar is just one part of the company’s efforts to be efficient and environmentally responsible. NewAge is a zero-landfill organization. Any waste the company is unable to recycle goes to an energy-from-waste facility where it is burned for energy recovery. The company’s solar system sits atop an insulated white “cool” roof. NewAge also provides onsite electric vehicle charging station for employees and has given each employee an aluminum water bottle to lower the use of plastic water bottles.

“NewAge is proud to partner with Brews from the Sun in support of solar energy and others who embrace it,” Tangreti said.

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