Grow solar in your community by volunteering with Solar United Neighbors! From sharing your solar story to spreading the word about solar locally, there are many ways to contribute.

If you are an installer, please visit our Installer page to learn more about how you can get involved!

Volunteer opportunities

Write A Letter To The Editor

One of the most influential sections of newspapers is the “letters to the editor” (LTE) section on topics of the day. We’ve provided tips to help you write and submit your next Letter to the Editor.

Organizing 101

Learn more about how to set a strong goal, strategy, and tactics for whatever issue you may be working on, and to better understand what is happening behind the scenes as we build the solar movement!

Spread Solar in your Community!

Join us to help more people go solar in your community. Learn the ways you can be a part of building the solar movement through solar co-ops and connect with other solar supporters.

Join SUN Articles Club

Join the Solar United Neighbors Articles Club where we will discuss articles focused on solar energy, current renewable energy policies, issues, and more! This club gathers every other month.

Solar Scouts

Through the SUN patch, youth of all ages can learn about how solar works, discover solar energy at work around them and become solar ambassadors to help grow solar in their communities!

Share your solar story

Solar spreads by word of mouth. Sharing your solar story can help inspire others to start their solar journey. Complete this form to share your story and photos with prospective solar owners.

Fight against utility shut offs

Learn more about why utility policies matter and how they negatively affect the most vulnerable communities in our nation. We need your help to take action!

Plan a Movie Screening

Movie screenings are a great way to educate your community about solar. These gatherings are an opportunity for you to get more involved through starting a larger conversation.

Attend our Volunteer Training

Join our Volunteer training to learn more about who Solar United Neighbors is and the ways you can get involved in helping to build the solar movement in your community.


Make a tax-deductible donation today to Solar United Neighbors to help more people go solar, join together, and fight for their energy rights.