Grow solar in your community by volunteering with Solar United Neighbors! From sharing your solar story to spreading the word about solar locally, there are many ways to contribute.

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March Featured Volunteer Action

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Send a Postcard

A picture is worth a 1,000 words. Tell your elected representatives why solar power is important to you and your community. We’ll mail your postcard with your photo and message to your representatives.


Other volunteer opportunities

Solar Info Table

Tabling at events in the community helps to directly build the solar movement. Tabling can be a very effective way to spread the word and encourage folks to consider going solar!

Share your solar story

Solar spreads by word of mouth. Sharing your solar story can help inspire others to start their solar journey. Complete this form to share your story and photos with prospective solar owners.

Solar Scouts

Through the SUN patch, Girl Scouts of all ages can learn about how solar works, discover solar energy at work around them and become solar ambassadors to help grow solar in their communities!


We envision an energy system with solar on every roof and money in our pockets. See how you can help ensure that everyone can benefit from solar energy by finding our campaigns in your state!

Solar Open House

Do you already have solar? Open up your home to your friends and neighbors to tell them about why you went solar and the benefits you have seen. More people go solar after seeing it in action!

Plan a Movie Screening

Movie screenings are a great way to educate your community about solar and provide the perfect opportunity for you and your community to get more involved through starting a larger conversation.

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