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Every day, we help people all over the country go solar through our co-op program and our free “Go solar on your own” resources and services — not to mention our great Solar, Storage, and EV Charging FAQ. But what about if you already have solar, storage, or an EV charger? We’ve got you covered too! Check out the resources below and be sure to visit our Solar Help Desk if you need any support from us.

Educational resources

We answer questions about solar all day long! Here’s how we can help solar owners.

  • Solar Maintenance FAQ – Get answers to the most frequent questions.
  • Solar Owner’s Manual – Now that you’ve installed solar panels on your home, what happens next? We’ve created a comprehensive 20-page guide about solar panel ownership and maintenance.
  • Battery Storage Guide – Thinking about adding storage to that solar array you’ve already installed? Do you have storage already and just want to learn more? Check out our detailed battery storage guide.
  • EV Charging Guide – Have an electric vehicle or thinking about getting one? Download our guide to learn more about what to consider when choosing EV charging equipment for your home.
  • Maintenance Calculator – Have a module or two that aren’t working? Ever wonder when it makes economic sense to pay someone to come and fix them? Try our maintenance calculator to find out.
  • Generate a solar summary sticker – Want to make sure your system’s info is visible and easy to find? Fill out this sticker template and print a sticker to put on or near your inverter or main electric panel. You’ll need your solar contract or help from your installer to fill this out.
  • Selling your Solar Home – Getting ready to move? Find out what you need to know about selling a home with solar.
  • Home electrification – You know what goes great with solar? Electric appliances! For great resources on upgrading and electrifying your home, check out Rewiring America.


Make a tax-deductible donation today to Solar United Neighbors to help more people go solar, join together, and fight for their energy rights.


Solar United Neighbors is a national organization and we want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your system no matter where you are. With that in mind, we’ve identified services to support solar owners like you. We are not compensated by the service providers listed here.

Need maintenance? Having a problem with your system or just want to get a system check up? If you have a warranty with an installer, we recommend talking to them first. If not, or you’re just looking for someone else to help, let us know.

Location-specific offerings for solar owners: We also have some offerings that are only available in certain areas.

  • 50% savings on Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) brokerage fees
    • Where: DC, DE, MA, MD, NJ, OH, PA
    • Who: SUN co-op members
    • Cost: Free
    • How: Join SUN by going solar in one of our  co-ops then mention your membership and the discount to Sol Systems when you contact them.
  • Help choosing the right retail electricity plan to pair with your solar array
    • Where: TX
    • Who: Any solar owner in Oncor or Centerpoint territory
    • Cost: Free
    • How: Request your report at Texas Power Guide

Have questions? We can help!

Ask away? We’re all ears. Just head over to our Solar Help Desk and we can help.