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Welcome to Solar United Neighbors’ Solar Help Desk — your dedicated hub for all things solar. We are proud to offer all the information you want about solar without the slant or impact that can come with the information provided by a solar company. Our personalized Solar Help Desk takes the complexity out of solar so you can make an informed decision that’s right for you, your home, and your future.

Get started today by downloading our free Go Solar Guide. It has helpful resources such as:

  • a checklist with steps to go solar
  • cost and financing information
  • a glossary of solar terms

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Get answers to your solar questions

If you’ve ever researched solar, you know it can be hard to know what to believe. That’s where we come in. Solar United Neighbors (SUN) is dedicated to helping anyone who’s overwhelmed by the prospect of going solar with personalized information you need and nothing less, nothing more. We take out all the confusion that is created when a solar company is competing for your business and trying to set itself apart from other solar companies. Once you understand the technology of solar power, then you can begin to evaluate the solar company that will best meet your needs.

Taking The Next Step

Once you have reviewed the information in the Go Solar Guide, we hope you feel confident in contacting local solar companies to provide you with pricing information for your home or business solar project. While each proposal might be slightly different, as every solar company has its own presentation and explanation methods, you should find that the general solar information we provided will allow you to compare the bids provided by multiple solar companies in your community.

Of course, as you continue to explore your options and the local solar companies and their proposals, please know that the team at Solar United Neighbors is always here to provide non-solar company specific information and to answer questions about the project a solar company is proposing. And even if you find that the project or pricing provided by the solar companies you contact is not right for you, please consider contacting our team to learn more about a possible community solar program or other options for you to benefit from solar energy and show your dedication to the future of our planet.