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Allan and Marcia Gelb

Allan and Marcia Gelb – Orlando, Florida

My initial interest in solar energy was just the concept: “free” energy from a non-depletable resource, the sun. Allan and Marcia Gelb, Solar homeowners ...

Carol and Bill Reuther – Wheeling, West Virginia

We love having the solar system.  We check the production amount every day, and so, I think that we are more conscious of energy use, and try to conserve ...

Chuck Kleymeyer and Ann Delorey – Arlington, Virginia

Go solar and bring at least two friends or neighbors along with you. Put pressure on your legislators to expand the depth and breadth of solar power in your ...

Dave and Kelly Campion – Bowie, Maryland

We waited for the city of Bowie to get a solar co-op in place due to the cost involved -- saved thousands of dollars! Dave and Kelly Campion, Solar ...

Eugene Matthews – Oberlin, Ohio

It just sits there and makes electricity for you. It’s the right thing to do. If enough people do this, we’ll have an impact. Eugene Matthews, Solar ...

Dane Cherry and Melissa Westman-Cherry – Washington, D.C.

 Going solar through the co-op was a simple and easy experience - plus I met some very nice folks throughout the process. Dane Cherry and Melissa ...
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