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Solar on a home in the mountains

Solar United Neighbors is a national non-profit organization dedicated to helping communities go solar, join together, and fight for their clean energy rights. We believe the transition to clean energy should be led by real people, and the benefits of clean energy technologies—solar, in particular—should be available to all Americans. We organize communities to go solar together and make smart investments in clean energy technologies, then mobilize them to build an enduring solar movement that fights for accessible, affordable clean energy.

Since our humble grassroots beginnings in 2007, we have expanded across the country to help thousands of people access the benefits of solar energy. We’ve helped more than 3,500 homes and businesses go solar through our local solar co-ops. Our co-ops have provided solar education to nearly 25,000 individuals. We’ve hosted thousands of solar community events and have engaged thousands of real people in solar policy and advocacy efforts.

And now, we’re coming to the Centennial State!

Starting in early 2019, Solar United Neighbors will launch its twelfth on-the-ground state program in Colorado. Solar United Neighbors of Colorado will help people across Colorado access affordable solar energy and organize a statewide movement of solar supporters to fight for a clean energy system for Colorado that prioritizes accessibility, local control, and customer benefits.

Colorado’s vibrant community of solar advocates has made great recent inroads in growing solar access. We’ll help expand access by organizing local solar co-ops for homeowners to go solar together and leverage their bulk purchasing power to achieve competitive solar pricing. We’ll provide solar education across the state to teach residents and businesses about solar technology, the installation process, and solar economics.

We’ll make solar fun for everyone, not just those interested in installing panels on their roof, by hosting solar community events and festivals. And, finally, we’ll organize Colorado’s community of clean energy supporters into a strong, diverse new solar movement—one that will fight for policies that ensure every Coloradan can access the benefits of solar energy. We’ll be working across the state, from Denver to Moffat County and beyond. Will you join us?

Sign up today to join our Solar United Neighbors of Colorado network! We’ll notify you of our program launch and how you can get involved. We hope you’ll join us in helping Coloradans capture the power of the sun!

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