Our 2019 Annual Report tells your story

By Anya Schoolman on March 25, 2020

Our 2019 annual report is complete and I’m honored to share it with you! It tells the story of people around the country fighting for their solar rights. It’s your story!

None of what we accomplished would have happened without you and our country’s growing community of solar supporters. In the pages of the Annual Report you’ll read how we’re making solar happen across the country. Each of our state directors share with you their ground-level view of solar in their state, the challenges and the successes.

Some of the things we’re most proud of:

  • Secured important victories for solar rights in Maryland, Florida, and Ohio;
  • Developed a replicable program to help low-income families benefit from solar energy;
  • Launched a first-of-its-kind solar co-op and solar training program in Colorado coal country;
  • Brought together more than 800 homeowners across the country for the National Solar Tour; and
  • Helped more than a thousand new families install solar on their homes.

I’m inspired by all that you have helped us to do. I hope you will be as well!