Make a difference in Colorado's solar rights.
Make a difference in Colorado's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Protect Net Metering in Colorado

Protect rooftop solar access

What is happening

Rooftop solar benefits everyone. Thankfully, our state’s elected leaders have been rooftop solar champions for decades. And they know that solar owners deserve to earn fair credit for the extra power they generate but don’t use. This is guaranteed through a policy called net metering. Through net metering, solar owners earn fair credit on their utility bills for the power they share with their neighbors. Net metering guarantees a fair transaction between solar owners and their utility.

Colorado utilities are talking to the Colorado Energy Office about getting rid of Your utility would like to see net metering disappear. That’s concerning because utilities hate net metering.

They want to prevent solar owners from producing their own power and being fairly compensated for it. Since 2004, the Colorado legislature has required utilities in the state to credit customers via net metering. That has made it possible for folks across the state to go solar and see savings. 

Getting rid of net metering in Colorado would only benefit one entity: your utility. Without net metering, fewer families and businesses would be able to go solar and all Coloradans would miss out on its shared benefits.

The Energy Office is set to provide recommendations on the future of net metering to Governor Polis by August. We need to make sure he stays strong and protects this bedrock solar policy.

Governor Polis needs to hear from solar supporters like you. He is a strong clean energy champion, and has signaled his support for rooftop solar in the past. We need to remind him that net metering is a fair policy that’s already working for Coloradans. Any attempts to roll it back would simply be lining for-profit utility pockets at our expense.

Tell Governor Polis that now is the time to protect and strengthen net metering so that all Coloradans can keep benefiting from the growth of rooftop solar in our state. Send him a message today by filling out this quick form.

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