How to write a Letter to the Editor

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Watch a Short Training on How to write an LTE

One of the most influential sections of newspapers is the “letters to the editor” (LTE) section on topics of the day. Research shows that a well-written, authentic LTE by citizens can help to persuade editors, readers, and decision makers–who carefully monitor the opinions section to gauge public opinion.

Writing an LTE is a meaningful and easy way to advocate for public policies. We’ve provided tips to help you write and submit your next letter to the editor.


  • LTEs tell decision-makers at newspapers what issues their readers care about. This encourages them to focus more attention on those issues.
  • Elected officials and their staffs pay close attention to the LTE section. This is particularly true when their names are mentioned.
  • The volume of letters matter; more letters means it’s more likely LTEs on this topic will be published.
  • LTEs educate the public on our issues.


  1. Watch this 15 minute training to learn how to write a Letter to the Editor.
  2. Check out our Letter to the Editor one pager to learn more tips and tricks for your next LTE.
  3. If you live in Colorado, Texas, Ohio, Indiana, Maryland or Pennsylvania, join our Letter to the Editor Network in your state! This network will give you the opportunity to respond to solar articles in your state in real-time. Please fill out this form and we will add you to the network. Being a part of this network you will receive 1-3 emails  a month with the option to respond to an article when you have the time! 
  4. Not in one of those states? Not a problem! Let us know that you want to start writing! Reach out to us and we’ll help you get started.

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