Highland Brewing Company

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Location: 12 Old Charlotte Highway, Suite 200, Asheville, NC 28803

Website: www.highlandbrewing.com

Size of solar system: 324 kW

Solar installer: Entropy Solar Integrators, LLC

Solar since: 2015

Why we went solar: Brewing beer requires the use of significant amounts of utilities. Part of our company culture is to reduce our carbon footprint in every way possible, and by installing a solar array we were able to take a huge step towards that end. Federal and North Carolina tax incentives made it possible for the addition of solar panels to work within our business model.

Benefits we’ve enjoyed since going solar: Reduction in electricity expenses and our carbon footprint. Among many other things, we run our tenant space, event space, packaging hall, and air compressors with solar power with excess going onto the grid. Guest appreciation of our attempts to reduce dependence on fossil fuel. High quality components that have provided low maintenance power production. Our rooftop bar provides a great view of the array!

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