Make a difference in Florida's solar rights.
Make a difference in Florida's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Governor DeSantis saved solar in Florida

4/27: Gov VETOED the bill!
Save rooftop solar in Florida

What is happening

**Gov. DeSantis VETOED HB 741 on April 27! We proved what happens when we work together, donate now to power our next victory


93% of Floridians support solar net metering. The proposed changes to net metering in House Bill 741 and Senate Bill 1024 would decimate Florida’s growing rooftop solar industry and result in the loss of thousands of solar jobs.

Tens of thousands of you have reached out to your legislators through emails, tweets, phone calls, in-person meetings, and even a huge rally at the Capitol to stop HB 741 & SB 1024.

Despite the pressure, these bills passed through the House and Senate. Thousands of you took action asking the Governor for a veto. HB 741 was sent to the Governor on April 27 and VETOED the same day!