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Solar Advocacy: Don’t let Hawaii Legislators block the sun

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What is happening

Hawaii’s Legislature just voted to limit your ability to use solar energy in your own home. It did so by proposing a cap on the amount of solar electricity Hawaii’s utilities can use.

This bill now sits on Governor Ige’s desk. Use the form on this page to urge him to veto this attack on your solar rights. 

Hawaii lawmakers passed a bill, SB 2510 CD1, that imposes arbitrary limits on the amount of solar in Hawaii. The bill was introduced to study Hawaii’s energy mix. 

Sadly, it was corrupted to impose strict limits on the amount of rooftop solar energy that Hawaii’s utilities can use.

A solar cap is obviously the wrong direction for Hawaii. Numerous studies show that Hawaii needs to make use of all available rooftops to meet its renewable energy goals. 

This bill hurts Hawaii’s families. It prevents them from installing solar and batteries to help control their electricity costs. Restricting the benefits of solar in a state that still relies mostly on fossil fuels for its energy needs makes no sense.

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The good news is that there is still time. Governor Ige needs to hear from all Hawaii solar supporters.  Please urge him to veto this anti-solar bill. If you have solar yourself, let him know that it has benefited you and your family. If you don’t yet have solar tell him how this cap would harm your ability to take control of where your electricity comes from.

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