Make a difference in Indiana's solar rights.
Make a difference in Indiana's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Sign the Indiana Solar Bill of Rights

What is happening

Last year, more than 100 Hoosiers from around the state gathered for the Indiana Solar Congress. Together we developed a set of guiding principles and goals for solar in Indiana. From this comes the Indiana Solar Bill of Rights!

It’s our vision for keeping Indiana’s solar future bright and building an energy system that works for all of us. 

The Indiana Solar Bill of Rights:


As Indiana solar supporters across the state, we believe that protecting our solar rights is necessary to build a clean, equitable, and affordable energy system. Local solar power benefits all Hoosiers by offering more choice, energy freedom, reduced electricity costs, resiliency, and a healthier environment.

In order to create a brighter future for all residents, businesses, organizations, and communities in Indiana, 

We, the undersigned, believe we have the right to:

  1. Generate, consume, share, and store our own electricity through the ownership and operation of solar arrays, including true community-owned solar systems.
  2. Access the benefits of affordable local solar energy, no matter one’s income,  location, race, ethnicity, or background.
  3. Receive fair compensation for the benefits provided by local solar and other consumer resources, representing the full value they provide to the broader energy system, through participation in retail programs and competitive markets.
  4. Manage our own energy usage to maximize the advantages of energy efficiency and electrification.
  5. Provide meaningful input into decisions that affect our energy production and use, including legislation, regulations, rate-making, utility program development, and resource planning processes.
  6. Eliminate barriers imposed by homeowners associations or local, state, and federal government that keep people from going solar. 
  7. Interconnect our solar system to the electric grid quickly and affordably.
  8. Use tools that empower consumers to fully participate in a more distributed energy system, including our electricity data, an easy-to-understand bill, and consumer protection rules.

We envision a clean, affordable, and equitable energy system that directs control and benefits back to local Indiana communities.

Sign the petition today to join other Hoosiers ready to protect our solar rights and the liberties that define us as solar supporters. Support our community of people building a new energy system with rooftop solar as the cornerstone!