Make a difference in New York's solar rights.
Make a difference in New York's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Join the movement in New York to get the politics out of utility bills

What is happening

Energy bills are expensive and out of control. This makes it hard for everyday families to make ends meet. But yet, corporate utility companies and their shareholders never seem to be in the red. Where do our hard-earned dollars go?

The shady truth behind utility spending

Monopoly utilities across the country are using the money they collect from your monthly bills to fund their lobbying and dirty politics. That means your money is getting used against you, whether to increase your bills, make it harder for you to go solar or benefit from other renewable energy sources. They abuse the system, you foot the bill. This has to stop. 

New Yorkers deserve utility accountability now

People in states across the country are fighting back, and winning. Last year, Connecticut, Colorado, and Maine all passed laws to stop utilities from using ratepayer funds for lobbying, political contributions, and other inappropriate uses. New York has joined several states that have legislation that would put an end to these corrupt utility practices.

Assemblymember Solages and Senator Brouk have filed bills that would prohibit utility companies from using ratepayer funds for political purposes, trade groups, lobbyists and other frivolous expenditures. 

We need you to urge state leaders to support utility accountability reforms. Tell them to protect New York’s families, not monopoly utilities.

Take action!

Tell New York lawmakers to get the politics out of your utility bills. We need to pass utility accountability reforms now.