Make a difference in Virginia's solar rights.
Make a difference in Virginia's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Join the Repower REC coalition!

What is happening

With a proud legacy tracing back to the New Deal, rural electric cooperatives (co-ops) are meant to be truly democratic institutions where customers have a meaningful voice in co-op governance and decisions affecting electric rates, energy sources, quality of service, and other important consumer and energy issues.

Unfortunately, the Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) has instituted a set of startlingly undemocratic practices that limit your access to basic financial and governance information, making it very difficult for member-owners to evaluate, oversee, and give meaningful input on the co-op’s important financial and policy decisions. One example of how this lack of transparency can impact you as an REC member is the recent fixed charges increase. REC initially proposed doubling the existing charges but was forced to limit the increase to $4 after public pressure—including action from many of you!

REC members have formed a grassroots coalition called Repower REC to address these serious problems. The coalition aims to reform the REC bylaws through a member vote on proposed amendments at the next annual meeting. To be successful, Repower REC will need to collect hundreds of petition signatures from across REC territory. Solar United Neighbors of Virginia is supporting these efforts, and we hope you will too.

Take action!

Help us democratize the Rappahannock Electric Cooperative by joining the Repower REC campaign today!