Make a difference in Indiana's solar rights.
Make a difference in Indiana's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Keep Tipmont REMC fair to solar owners

What is happening

Tipmont REMC’s leadership recently decided to end its longstanding policy of full net metering for new solar customers. The replacement could either lower or eliminate credits that member-owners with solar receive for the electricity they share with neighbors on the grid.
They are also considering similar changes to how current solar customers are credited. These customers already invested in rooftop solar while net metering was available. Many details of this change are yet to be decided. It’s important to let the cooperative’s leadership know what Tipmont member-owners think about this possible change.

Net metering benefits everyone

We all benefit when more people power their homes and businesses with solar energy. That’s why solar owners deserve fair credit for the electricity they generate.
More rooftop solar makes our electric system more affordable. When solar energy is generated close to where it’s needed, the grid is more efficient and reliable. Local solar offers a reliable and cheaper alternative to expensive grid upgrades that might otherwise be needed.
For many potential solar owners, net metering is an important factor in their ability to afford “going solar.”
Tipmont REMC is questioning how to fairly credit solar customers for the electricity they share with their neighbors. Unfortunately, there’s a good chance full net metering will be ending. And so far member-owners have received very little information or input into that decision.

How net metering works

Solar owners earn credit for the electricity they generate and share with their neighbors. This happens through a policy called “net metering.” With net metering, solar owners earn a one-to-one kilowatt-hour (kWh) credit on their bill. This credit is based on how much electricity they generate but don’t use themselves over a full billing cycle. That’s an even swap for clean electricity produced by local solar and shared with other Tipmont REMC member-owners. This credit offsets some of the cost that the solar owner pays for electricity from the utility.