Make a difference in Florida's solar rights.
Make a difference in Florida's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Protect solar in Jacksonville

Restore net metering

What is happening

Solar advocates in Jacksonville have been fighting for the last several years to protect their solar rights.

Jacksonville’s municipal utility, JEA abruptly chose to end its net metering program in 2017. This decision went into effect the following spring.

Net metering a billing system that ensures solar owners earn fair credit for the electricity their systems generate.

The JEA board voted to implement these changes without giving Jacksonville’s community of solar supporters a sufficient opportunity to weigh in on the decision.

So, we took JEA to court. After several years of litigation, a court still has not ruled on the merits of our case.

In the meantime, JEA tried and failed to sell itself to a monopoly utility. This resulted in the biggest scandal in Jacksonville history. JEA leaders stood to make millions if a deal went through.

During the scandal, we learned that JEA’s decision to end net metering stemmed from the desired sale. It opted to end net metering to make JEA more valuable to a buyer.

It’s time to bring back net metering.

This will help Jacksonville families save money. It will create jobs. And, it will make our electricity system more resilient when storms hit.

Use the form at the right to contact your city council members. Urge them to restore net metering at JEA.

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