Make a difference in Virginia's solar rights.
Make a difference in Virginia's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Protect Virginians from solar sales scams

What is happening

If you’ve looked into going solar, you know it can be complicated. This is why it is important that solar customers get honest, accurate information about their purchase. Virginia lawmakers are considering a bill that would help ensure this happens.

House Bill 2355 will create a working group of solar stakeholders. The working group will recommend ways to protect solar consumers.

These measures include:

  • Protection from predatory contracts,
  • Standards for job completion and on-going maintenance, and
  • Recourse if a company files for bankruptcy while the customer is still making loan payments.

Please take a moment to contact your delegate. If you’ve gone solar, tell them about your experience. Share why it’s important that solar customers get accurate information from their installers. If you haven’t yet gone solar, share the kind of experience you’re looking for as a solar customer. Together, we can make sure that reputable companies thrive and continue to help Virginia families go solar.


What you can do

Urge members of the House Commerce & Energy Committee support HB 2355 to protect consumers from solar scams.