Make a difference in Minnesota's solar rights.
Make a difference in Minnesota's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Minnesota Legislators: Pass the Ratepayer Protection Act

Prevent investor-owned utilities from using your money against you

What is happening

Utilities shouldn’t be able to use your money to lobby against your interests. 

Last summer, Xcel got approval to increase their rates by nearly 10%. Minnesota Power recently asked for a rate hike of 12%. Skyrocketing rates and additional charges are becoming all too common.

Even though their interests don’t always align with yours, Minnesota’s investor-owned monopoly utilities routinely seek to use money collected through your monthly bills to fund their lobbying efforts, helping them advocate for higher rates and other windfalls.

Worse, they lobby for policies that make it harder for you and your neighbors to go solar, since your solar poses a threat to their bottom line. They shouldn’t be able to use your money to get in the way of the bill savings, stronger grid, and cleaner air that rooftop solar offers.

Minnesota can protect ratepayers

Solar United Neighbors is working with legislators and other organizations to pass the Ratepayer Protection Act. This bill would:

  • Ensure that investor-owned utilities can’t use money they collect from ratepayer bills to lobby regulators or lawmakers;
  • Protect ratepayers from footing the bill for things like membership dues to trade organizations and advertising; 
  • Stop investor-owned utilities from charging customers for exorbitant travel and entertainment expenses, like flights on private jets; and 
  • Make utility spending more transparent.

States across the country are moving to protect ratepayers from paying for the political activities of their utility. Connecticut, Colorado, and Maine all passed laws in 2023 to stop investor-owned utilities from using ratepayer funds for lobbying, political contributions, and other inappropriate uses. 

It’s time for Minnesota to join the leaders of this movement and establish common sense protections for its ratepayers. 

Reach out to your legislators 

Your elected officials in the Minnesota Legislature could be the next leaders on this issue. They need to know that constituents like you want to see action. Reach out today and ask your representatives to support the Ratepayer Protection Act.

Take action!

Ask your representatives to support the Ratepayer Protection Act