Make a difference in Virginia's solar rights.
Make a difference in Virginia's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Share the sun in Southwest Virginia

Help Southwest Virginia go solar

What is happening

Not everyone can go solar where they live. 

This may be because their home isn’t a good fit for solar, they’re renters, or they can’t afford solar’s upfront cost. 

Virginia lawmakers are considering a bill that would create a new way to benefit from solar for families and businesses in Southwest Virginia.

How shared solar can help you go solar

Shared or “community” solar lets individuals, businesses, or organizations buy or subscribe to a part of a shared solar project. When they join a shared solar project, they receive a credit on their electric bill each month. The size of their share determines how much credit they receive. 

They earn credit the same as if the panels were on their home. This lowers their monthly electric bill.

Expanding shared solar in Virginia

Shared solar isn’t an option for all Virginians, yet. 

In 2023, legislation was introduced (SB 1083) to create a shared solar program in Appalachian Power electric territory. This would open shared solar to hundreds of thousands of Virginians. The legislation passed the Senate, but did not pass the House. Take action to ensure a similar bill passes in 2024.

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