Make a difference in Florida's solar rights.
Make a difference in Florida's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Take action on minimum bills: Send a personal email to Gov. DeSantis

Stop unfair minimum bills

What is happening

Florida’s monopoly utilities have found a new way to block your right to go solar. It’s called a “minimum bill.” Under a minimum bill, you’re required to pay a certain amount to your utility each month, even if you don’t use any electricity.

Minimum bills unfairly target customers who use little electricity each month. While this harms solar owners, it is unfair to people with energy-efficient homes, part-time residents, and residents trying to age in place.

Minimum bills now apply to customers who receive electricity from Florida Power & Light and Duke Energy.

Why minimum bills are a bad deal for solar

One way to think about going solar is that you’re paying for decades of electricity up front. You make back this investment over time because you’re paying little to nothing each month to your utility.

Minimum bills erode this investment by limiting how much you can save. Under a minimum bill, you’ll have to pay your utility more than you would owe based on how much electricity you used. 

This penalizes you if you use less electricity or use credits from your solar energy system to reduce your electric bill. It does so by adding an additional fee. 

For example, Duke Energy has a $30 minimum bill. In this example a solar customer’s bill would be less than $30. So the utility charges them extra so they meet the minimum.

Example: How minimum bills impact a solar customer

This table shows a breakdown of a sample bill for a Duke Energy customer under minimum billing. As you can see, their total bill comes out to $25.81. Under minimum billing, they're forced to pay another $4.19 to meet the $30 minimum
1000 kWhTotal electric usage
900 kWh Electricity generated from solar
100 kWh Net electricity used from the utility
$0.1286Price of electricity per kWh
$12.86Cost of electricity purchased (100 * $0.1286)
$12.95Monthly utility customer charge
$25.81Total bill before the minimum
$4.19Additional charge to meet the minimum
$30.00Final bill

How did we get here 

The Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) approved rate cases in 2021 for Monopoly utilities like Duke and FPL must receive permission from the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) before making changes to customer billing. The PSC approved the utilities’ proposal to impose minimum bills in 2021. Groups are appealing FPL’s rates to the Florida Supreme Court. In January 2022, Duke Energy started charging ratepayers a $30 minimum bill. In July 2022, FPL started charging ratepayers a $25 minimum bill.

What can you do about it 

Send a personal message to Governor DeSantis. Ask him to take action. We know that the Governor is paying attention. Your messages will be recorded and potentially filed by his office with the Public Service Commission. Use our templated email and instructions to get you started. Tweets are also provided below.