Make a difference in D.C.'s solar rights.
Make a difference in D.C.'s solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Tell councilmembers: Save solar programs from Mayor’s cuts!

4/29 - Budget Oversight hearing
Protect millions of dollars in energy savings

What is happening

Mayor Bowser’s budget proposal for FY 2024 and FY 2025 cuts millions of dollars from clean energy programs. D.C.’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is requiring budget cuts to repay funds spent during the pandemic.

The Mayor’s budget cancels D.C.’s Solar for All program by completely removing $4.5 million from the program. So far, Solar for All has lowered energy bills for more than 8,000 District families. Funding for 2024 could help 850 more families access similar solar savings. Cutting Solar for All threatens the District’s goal of halving energy bills for 100,000 families by 2032.

The budget will allow the Mayor to raid important clean energy funds this year and in the future. This includes the Renewable Energy Development Fund (REDF) and the Sustainable Energy Trust Fund (SETF). The millions of dollars in these funds should be set aside for local clean energy, efficiency, and electrification programs. 

The Mayor’s budget also directs energy supplier WGL, under its contract with the District, to cheat the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). This would send more money to the funds that the Mayor could raid. D.C.’s RPS is one of the strongest in the country. The RPS has a 100% renewable energy goal including 15% local solar by 2042. If the D.C. Government does not support the RPS, then it could prevent reaching the goals. It could also threaten solar savings for thousands of District residents.

Take action!

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What you can do

Tell Councilmembers to protect clean energy programs


Contact all D.C. Councilmembers to stop these cuts to clean energy and energy equity programs. You’ll also send an email to other key decision makers: D.C Mayor Bowser and the D.C. Chief Financial Officer.


If you’ve benefited from these programs or would like to benefit, then add your story.