Make a difference for solar rights.
Make a difference for solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Tell your governor: Solar energy benefits everyone

Ensure fair value for solar

What is happening

Solar energy is powerful. It’s also valuable. You know that installing solar on your home can save your family money. But did you know that your solar system can help prevent expensive and dangerous energy outages?

It’s true. The more people that have solar on their homes and businesses, the better our electric system can handle surges in demand during heat waves, cold snaps, or storms. Pairing solar with battery storage makes these systems even more resilient.

Bringing local solar energy resources together can create a virtual power plant. This provides clean energy to the grid when it needs it the most. This lowers costs for everyone and makes our grid safer and more resilient. Such programs are already happening around the country.

They can happen here too. Make sure you are getting the full value for your solar investment.

Please take a moment to contact your Governor. Explain why it’s so important for your state to create programs to credit solar and battery owners for the benefits they provide to everyone.