Make a difference for solar rights.
Make a difference for solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Urgent: Tell Congress to protect solar energy

Protect solar rights

What is happening

Last year, Congress passed the most important piece of pro-solar legislation in history. Now solar opponents want to repeal it.

What’s at stake

Tax credits that make installing solar more affordable

Solar opponents want to take away the 30% tax credit solar owners receive for the cost of their installation. This critical policy helps more families go solar

Helping  nonprofit organizations to go solar

The last Congress allowed faith institutions, schools, local governments, and other tax-exempt entities to benefit from solar tax credits. Repeal would end this option for nonprofits.

More solar in rural America

Repeal would mean cutting grants and loans that assist  farmers and other rural business owners to go solar.

Congress needs from hear to you

If you want solar energy to keep growing, now is the time to make your voice heard.