Make a difference in Pennsylvania's solar rights.
Make a difference in Pennsylvania's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Community Solar for PA (HB1842)!

What is happening

*Update: June is a critical month for community solar and hb1842 because PA budget negotiations are happening and offer an opportunity to move the bill forward. The e-mail action here is updated to send messages to your own elected Senator and key Senate committee leadership. Please customize the message with your own reasons for supporting community solar… Or send as is!
*Update: on Tuesday March 26th House Bill 1842 (community solar) was passed in the Pennsylvania House with 111 yes votes and 90 no votes! A huge thank you to everyone who took action on this bill in the House. Now… on to the Senate!

The sun shines everywhere, but not every Pennsylvanian can benefit from it, yet.  This is where community solar comes in. Community solar means more affordable electricity, local clean energy production and living wage solar jobs right here in Pennsylvania.

Lawmakers are considering a bill, HB 1842, that would bring community solar to Pennsylvania.

What is community solar?

Community solar offers the benefit of solar to those who can’t, or prefer not to, install panels on their own home.

It enables Pennsylvanians to purchase a “share” in a nearby solar installation. They earn a credit on their electric bill each month based on the size of their share. This allows them to lower their bill by 5-20%.

Currently, you  can only benefit from solar savings if the panels are located on your own property. Passing community solar legislation would enable Pennsylvanians to benefit from solar even if they have a barrier to going solar themselves, such as the cost, the direction of their roof, they are a renter, and so many others.

Nearly half the states have passed community solar legislation. Many other states are considering it. In addition, rural electric cooperatives and municipal utilities around the country have started offering CS to their customers.