Make a difference in Pennsylvania's solar rights.
Make a difference in Pennsylvania's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Protect solar in Pennsylvania

Show that Pennsylvanians love solar

What is happening

Pennsylvanians love solar! And why wouldn’t we? You can generate your own clean energy while saving money. Solar is a win-win.

Solar energy provides benefits to everyone. That’s why solar owners deserve fair credit for the electricity they generate.

Net metering is the system we use in Pennsylvania to ensure solar owners earn fair credit for the solar they generate.

Sadly, monopoly utilities want to take this credit away.

Utilities in Pennsylvania and around the nation are using every trick in the book to weaken net metering for solar customers. Their goal is to limit the growth of rooftop solar. This will let them maintain their monopoly by stopping people like you from generating your own solar energy.

Net metering benefits everyone

Communities across the Commonwealth have benefited from net metering for almost two decades:

  1. Cost savings for consumers. With fair market net metering, solar users earn a full electron-for-electron credit at retail rate on their bill based on how much energy they’ve generated.
  2. Stable energy prices. Volatile fuel prices have spiked our energy bills by 40% since 2021. Going solar protects families from volatile energy prices.
  3. Job creation and economic growth. The existing net metering rules have led to significant growth in the energy sector in Pennsylvania. They’ve supported local business growth, driven clean energy generation, and created new living wage jobs.
  4. More reliable electric service. Solar owners have energy to spare! Neighbors use this surplus. This reduces strain on the electric grid. It makes ALL electricity consumers less vulnerable to disruption. This is because more electricity is generated where it’s needed the most.

We deserve to pick the energy solution that works best for our families and saves us the most money. Household solar panels allow homeowners to produce their own energy, letting them share any extra energy with their neighbors and save money as a result.