Make a difference in Maryland's solar rights.
Make a difference in Maryland's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Keep community solar shining in Maryland

What is happening

The sun shines everywhere in Maryland. But too few of us could take advantage of it before community solar came along. Community solar, sometimes called “shared solar,” offers the benefit of solar to those who can’t, or prefer not to, install solar panels on their homes. It’s the perfect option for renters, condo and apartment dwellers who want to use clean, renewable energy and receive the cost-savings solar provides.

How community solar works
Community solar lets individuals, businesses, or organizations buy or subscribe to a “share” in a community solar project. When you join a community solar project, you receive a credit on your electric bill each month. The size of your share determines how much credit you receive.

You hold the power to keep it going
The community solar pilot program in Maryland is set to sunset in 2024. If this program ends, it will be a setback to expanding solar access to low- and moderate-income households.

Senate Bill 613 and House Bill 908 have been introduced in the Maryland legislature to make the community solar program permanent. This legislation will also simplify the billing process and make it easier for families to understand their savings from community solar.

This legislation will share the benefits of solar with the entire community, open the door for more Marylanders to access solar, and boost solar development and jobs.


What you can do

Urge legislators to make the community solar pilot program permanent