Make a difference in Utah's solar rights.
Make a difference in Utah's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Keep solar shining for more Utahns

Urge Utah’s legislators to make solar credits fair and reliable for everyone

What is happening

Solar that owners provide clean power to the electricity grid and they deserve to be fairly credited for it. If you’re a solar owner your utility credits you via an “export credit.” The export credit is the amount your utility credits you for the excess solar power you generate and send back to the grid to be shared with your neighbors. You rely on a fair and stable export credit to recoup your investment. And if you’re considering going solar, you also rely on that credit to figure out what your payback time will be.

The current rate utilities pay Utah’s solar owners is too low and can change from year to year. This is not only confusing to consumers, but it also makes rooftop solar more expensive and makes it difficult to lower your electricity bill with homegrown energy.

Utah’s homeowners and businesses powered by the sun deserve a better deal for the extra solar power they generate and return to the grid.

To keep the future of solar bright for all Utahns, Senator Wayne Harper (R-Taylorsville) has proposed legislation that will ensure rooftop solar owners receive a better credit for the extra energy they produce. Senate Bill 189 will help make the solar export credit fair, straightforward and predictable.

SB 189 will guarantee that residential and small commercial solar customers served by Rocky Mountain Power receive a bill credit with a value of at least 84% of what customers pay for energy.

Rooftop solar benefits everyone

Current estimates suggest that if this bill passes, Utah families and small businesses who install solar will receive on average 9 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh), up from 5 cents per kWh. That means more Utah families can go solar and save money on their energy bills. Making rooftop solar more accessible will boost our grid resiliency and our state’s energy independence.

And, a better export rate will support the growing solar industry as a whole and is good for our local economy. With more families installing solar, local installers can grow their business, adding good-paying jobs in the process.

Now is the time to tell your legislators to support this bill and increase the credit for solar owners.