Make a difference in Michigan's solar rights.
Make a difference in Michigan's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Let the sunshine in. Repeal limits to solar Michigan.

Speak up now to protect solar rights for all Michiganders

What is happening

Everyone has the right to power their home with solar. The sun shines freely but monopoly utilities want to keep an arbitrary cap in place that limits homeowners from using solar to produce their own energy. Legislators in Lansing are considering two bills that will repeal these limits and open the door for more Michigan residents to take control of where their energy comes from. 

Solar caps hold Michiganders back 

Solar is an affordable energy solution that can help homeowners and small businesses lower electricity bills and support local grid reliability. This unnecessary solar cap prevents homeowners who want to go solar from being able to do so. It also prevents solar homeowners from receiving fair credit for the excess energy they produce and send back into their local community.

Local solar can help build a more reliable & resilient electric grid

This year’s intense ice storm left Michigan residents in the dark and was the latest example of the urgent need to address the state’s failing grid system. Rooftop solar, when paired with paired battery backup systems can provide life-saving electricity during multi-day power outages. It can also help protect your community from grid failures during extreme weather events. Repealing this cap will empower families and businesses to improve their energy resiliency and play a role in improving the reliability of their local electric grid.