Make a difference in West Virginia's solar rights.
Make a difference in West Virginia's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Protect and expand solar in West Virginia

What is happening

Installing solar on West Virginia homes helps save families money and take control of where their electricity comes from. Right now, there are two key bills at stake that affect West Virginians’ energy freedom.

  • House Bill 5422 would protect net metering for West Virginians. Net metering is a policy that ensures solar owners are fairly credited for power they put back onto the grid. Thousands of West Virginians who have gone solar have benefitted from net metering.
  • Meanwhile, Senate Bill 638 would establish a community solar pilot program. Community solar could help thousands more West Virginians benefit from solar energy, even if they are unable to install panels on their own roof. 

Contact your legislators to make sure these bills get heard by the energy committee!

Contact your legislators

Protect and Expand access to solar for  West Virginians

Protect Net Metering:

Net metering enables households and businesses to generate their own electricity through solar, then feed their excess power back into the local electric grid. Current rules allow West Virginia consumers to be credited for that surplus power at a fair market rate. In other words, when you make more energy than you use, you get a credit (equal in value) on your next month’s electric bill.

Net metering is a good way to help consumers save money, AND it enhances grid resilience. But monopoly utilities have been trying to weaken net metering to line their pockets. Luckily, House Bill 5422 would protect our current net metering policy from utilities’ threats. 

Communities across our state have felt the positive impacts of net metering for over a decade. By securing a full retail credit in WV code, we can ensure that future solar owners will also be fairly credited for the energy they put back on to the grid.

Solar for everyone:

Community solar lets individuals, businesses, or organizations buy or subscribe to a “share” in a community solar project. It’s perfect for folks who can’t – or prefer not to – install panels on their own roof. When you join a community solar project, you receive a credit on your electric bill each month. The size of your share determines how much credit you receive.

West Virginians can’t participate in community solar until our lawmakers allow it. Fortunately, SB 638 would do just that.

A report by the coalition West Virginians for Energy Freedom details how community solar would kick open the doors to new markets for solar. Enabling community solar programs here would:

  • create thousands of local jobs,
  • save millions per year on residential electricity bills, and
  • generate hundreds of millions in new solar sales.

Read the community solar fact sheet!

Energy freedom is within our reach!

This year we have the opportunity to get more access to the sun. Enabling Community Solar in West Virginia will expand solar access to low- and moderate-income households. And protecting Net Metering would ensure solar owners are fairly credited for the excess power they put back onto the grid.

Both of these bills open the door for more West Virginians to access solar and boost solar development and jobs.

Take action.

Contact your legislators. Urge them to support solar in WV!

Contact your legislators

Use the form below to contact your legislators to urge them to get these bills on the House Energy Committee’s agenda and the Senate Economic Development Committee’s agenda! We encourage you to personalize your message! If you have solar, explain how net metering has benefited you and your family. If you don’t yet have solar, tell your legislator that enabling community solar will help you benefit from solar energy.