Make a difference in Maryland's solar rights.
Make a difference in Maryland's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Protect community solar in Carroll County

What is happening

Less than two years after passing a comprehensive ordinance allowing community solar in Carroll County, the county commission held a hearing on Thursday, February 23 to consider a moratorium on community solar development. The Commission passed a 6-month moratorium on community solar development. This moratorium will prevent residents and landowners from enjoying the benefits of community solar. It will also interrupt current community solar projects, slow down renewable energy growth and eliminate energy choice for residents in Carroll County. 

Since the first ordinance was passed, four new county commissioners have taken office. New leaders means new opportunities for solar education! We need solar advocates to contact their commissioners now to help them learn more about community solar, how it works and why it benefits Carroll County residents.

How community solar benefits Carroll County

Community solar offers the benefit of solar to those who can’t, or prefer not to, install solar panels at their own homes/businesses. Here are a few of the local benefits of community solar: 

  • Helps residents save money on their electric bills
  • Provides landowners with much-needed revenue who already rely on the income community solar generates 
  • Supports local farmers with a stable “crop” that keeps farms working
  • Preserves the integrity of agricultural land in Carroll County and prevents harmful land development 
Take action!
Keep solar affordable and accessible for all Marylanders


What you can do

Local leaders need to hear from solar supporters like you! Use the form at the bottom to email them. If you have solar, tell commissioners how it has benefited you and your family. Urge them to ensure that all Carroll County residents can benefit from solar, even if they can’t go solar where they live. If you don’t have solar, tell commissioners they shouldn’t restrict your ability to benefit from solar by limiting community solar.