Make a difference in Hawaii's solar rights.
Make a difference in Hawaii's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Tell Hawaii’s leaders to keep solar affordable

Speak up now to urge state leaders to #SaveHawaiiSolar

What is happening

As consumers, we deserve to pick the energy solution that works best for our families and saves us the most money. Household solar panels allow homeowners to produce their own energy, letting them share any extra energy with their neighbors and save money as a result. 

When solar owners pair their solar with a battery, that energy can be stored and used to support the energy grid during times when it’s needed the most. Solar plus battery storage can keep the lights on when the power is out. It can provide life-saving energy backup during extreme weather emergencies. 

In Hawaii, we have the opportunity to determine how we’ll use solar and batteries to power our communities. A grid service program that gives fair credit for locally generated solar is cost-effective and helps lower energy costs for everyone.

The problem

In December, utility regulators proposed half-baked rules that overhaul solar and battery incentive programs at the expense of its customers. These unfair rules are slated to go into effect on March 1. 

That is why we’re calling on state leaders in Hawaii to support new legislation HB1687 that will give solar and battery customers full credit for the energy they produce from the panels on their roofs and send back to support the grid in times of high demand or emergencies.

Rooftop solar and battery storage provide clean, reliable energy in more homes than ever before in Hawaii. If monopoly utilities get their way, it will reverse years of progress toward clean energy goals and will lead to increased costs for all utility customers. 

Take action!

Tell the Governor and state legislators to support fair, full retail credit for solar and battery homeowners.


What you can do

Speak up now to #SaveHawaiiSolar 

You have the power to keep solar and battery storage within reach for all families in Hawaii.
Tell the Governor and state legislators on key committees to support fair, full retail credit for solar and battery homeowners. 
If you already have solar or are interested in going solar or adding battery storage, we need you to speak up now. Use the form below to customize and send your email to Governor Green and state legislators.