Make a difference in Ohio's solar rights.
Make a difference in Ohio's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Tell lawmakers: Community solar will benefit all Ohioans

Expand solar opportunity in Ohio

What is happening

Installing solar on their homes helps Ohio families save money and take control of where their electricity comes from. But many Ohioans cannot go solar. This may be because of local restrictions or because they simply don’t own their home. These barriers don’t exist with community solar.

Lawmakers are considering a bill, HB 450, that would bring community solar to Ohio.

Tell lawmakers to allow community solar in Ohio!

Community solar allows individuals, businesses, or organizations to purchase or subscribe to a “share” in a community solar project. Participants in a community solar project receive a credit on their electric bill each month for the energy produced by their share.

Once community solar is up and running, more than 333,000 Ohio families will be able to take part in solar energy. If HB 450 passes, solar becomes an option for more Ohio residents.

Use the form at the right to contact your state representative. Change the message to tell them in your own words why it’s time for Ohioans to benefit from community solar.