Solar United Neighbors is hiring! We currently have openings for the following positions.

  • Director of Policy and Advocacy – We are seeking a Director of Policy and Advocacy to lead campaigns in each of our on-the-ground state programs. This job requires a deep and sophisticated knowledge of solar policy and the clean energy industry. You must understand the nuances of interconnection rules, net metering, rate design, community solar and low-income solar policy, as well as the larger framework of utility resource planning and emerging grid edge innovations. Issues like electric vehicles, energy storage, and regional capacity and ancillary services markets are also on the table. You must have experience running high profile grassroots campaigns, working in coalitions, building lists, and making an impact. Solar United Neighbors is a fun, creative place to work. You will be given room to experiment, fail, and flourish. You will have a sophisticated field team to work with and a huge network of local partners. You must be brilliant, strategic, and excited to grow with an up-and-coming organization.
  • Pennsylvania Program Director – Solar United Neighbors of Pennsylvania, the newest state program of Solar United Neighbors, will be dedicated to making solar accessible and affordable to every resident of Pennsylvania. In each of our state programs, we help homeowners form solar co-ops to become owners, investors, and stakeholders in their state solar economy. Solar United Neighbors of Pennsylvania will ensure that all Pennsylvanians have equal access to solar programs and technologies for economic development. Solar United Neighbors is dedicated to the vision that if a large and diverse number of people have a financial stake in the clean energy economy, they will fight for it. By building, demonstrating, promoting, and advocating for ways for people to financially benefit from clean energy, we build a broad new constituency for change.

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