Represent Us, Not Utilities Pledge

Urge candidates to stand up for your solar rights by pledging not to take donations from monopoly utilities, their political action committees, lobbyists, or executives.

Sign and send this petition

I am writing to urge you to sign Solar United Neighbors’ non-partisan “Represent Us, Not Utilities” Pledge to refuse campaign donations from monopoly electric utilities.

For too long, powerful monopoly utility companies have used their enormous wealth and influence to shape state (and federal) energy policies to benefit corporate shareholders, often at the expense of customers. ­­

The pledge is simple:

“To maintain independence from monopoly utility interests and to avoid the perception of undue influence on my positions concerning energy policies, I will take no money or gifts from monopoly utilities, their Political Action Committees, lobbyists, or executives.”

By signing the pledge, you will be declaring your independence from powerful special interests, and you will be sending a strong and clear message that you will represent the people’s interests when you consider energy policies that may come before you in the legislative process.

Click here to learn more about the ways monopoly utilities influence politicians to maintain the status quo.

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