Stop the corruption; Repeal House Bill 6

We knew House Bill 6 (HB 6) was a bad deal even before we learned of the $60-million-dollar bribery scandal that secured its passage. Ohio lawmakers must repeal this corrupt legislation.

Last year, lawmakers passed HB 6 — a $1+ billion bailout for failing utility FirstEnergy.

HB 6 also ended Ohio’s clean energy and energy efficiency programs. These programs helped Ohioans benefit from solar energy and made the state’s energy system more equitable.

The bill passed despite overwhelming public opposition. Now we know why.

FirstEnergy and other anti-solar interests funneled more than $60 million to former House Speaker Larry Householder. Householder used this money to get himself elected Speaker. He also used it to settle a personal lawsuit, and pay for costs associated with his Florida vacation home.

Lawmakers voted unanimously to remove Householder from his position as Speaker. This is not enough. Utilities shouldn’t be able to get their way through bribery and fraud — Ohio lawmakers must repeal this corrupt legislation! .

Contact your state representative and state senator. Tell them to hold FirstEnergy accountable and repeal HB 6.

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