Make a difference in Texas's solar rights.
Make a difference in Texas's solar rights.

Solar Advocacy: Grow solar in Texas and protect solar customers

The House must approve this bill by May 25
Protect solar consumers and cut red tape

What is happening

Texas is close to passing important pro-solar legislation. The Solar Consumer Protection Act will make going solar easier while protecting consumers. The state senate passed the bill unanimously!

Now we need the state house to vote on the bill. Contact the House Calendar Committee members. Tell them to put the bill up for a vote.

The bill has two main provisions:

  1. It clearly defines what information solar companies must provide to customers in writing.

This includes:

  • A description of all equipment to be installed;
  • The full cost of all equipment to be installed;
  • Representations, if any, made as part of the agreement regarding the expected operational performance and financial performance of the generation resource; and
  • All applicable warranties
  • Additionally, for homeowners who lease their systems, installers must provide:
    • The term and rate of the lease. This includes any terms that change the rate you pay.
    • A statement of whether the lease is transferable to a new owner where the system was installed.
  1. It protects homeowners from unfair limits on their ability to install solar
  • The law prevents municipalities from limiting home solar installations beyond what is restricted by a homeowners association or utility.
Take action!

Texas is close to passing legislation that will protect consumers and make it easier to go solar. Urge lawmakers to put this bill to a vote.