Tell Entergy Texas to help its customers take part in community solar

Entergy Texas can help customers take control of where their electricity comes from by asking the Texas Public Service Commission to allow community solar in the electricity provider's service territory.

Community (or “shared”) solar makes it possible for anyone with an electric bill to access solar energy. This is true even if they can’t put it where they live. With community solar, individuals can buy a “share” or subscription in a nearby community solar project. Every month, the subscribers would receive a credit on their electricity bill for the solar power produced by their share.

Unfortunately, community owned solar is currently prohibited in Entergy Texas’ service territory. Entergy Texas can change this. They can ask the Public Utilities Commission to change its rate structure to include a community-owned option. Entergy customers are now organizing to make this happen.

Tell Entergy Texas and the Public Utilities Commission that you want community-owned solar option for Entergy customers.

Sign the petition

Dear Entergy Board of Directors,

I am an Entergy Texas customer. I am concerned by the lack of a community solar option offered by the utility. Community solar allows anyone with an electric bill to access solar energy. This is true even if they can’t put a solar array directly on their property. Everyone should have the freedom to choose to produce their own electricity through an ownership-based community solar project. I respectfully ask that Entergy Texas file a tariff with the PUC to allow individuals to buy and own shares or panels in community solar projects within their utility territory. All Entergy Texas ratepayers should have the freedom to make that choice.

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