Expand solar in New Jersey

Help make New Jersey a solar energy leader once again

New Jersey has traditionally led the nation in solar power. With strong policies, affordable technology, and quality installation companies, tens of thousands of New Jerseyans have been able to go solar at their homes and businesses. As New Jersey’s solar industry grew over the last decade, so too did solar jobs. Today, 6,000 New Jerseyans are employed by the solar industry.

In recent years, we’ve fallen behind. Financial and other market barriers have left too many New Jerseyans unable to go solar. Even more can’t install panels on their roofs due to the type of building where they live. For regular New Jerseyans, it can still be hard to access affordable, quality solar power.

The time is now for New Jersey to lead on solar, once again! New Jersey’s network of solar owners and supporters is joining together to make sure our legislators vote for smart solar policies and lead the state towards a brighter, inclusive, and equitable solar future.