Keep solar growing in the Garden State

Urge your legislators to protect New Jersey’s residential solar incentives.

S2314/A3723 passed in April of 2018. Governor Murphy signed the bill in late May. In the Senate, the bill passed 29-8, and in the Assembly, it passed 51-20. The bill has several provisions to support rooftop solar in the state. It now awaits Governor Murphy’s signature.

The law requires the state’s utilities to provide a greater percentage of solar energy each year, culminating in 5.1 percent by 2021. This will keep the New Jersey’s primary solar renewable energy credit incentive, SRECs, available through the year 2021.

The bill also provides for the state Board of Public Utilities to authorize community solar projects. Community solar allows people unable to install solar (such as renters or homeowners with shady roofs) to benefit from solar energy. We hosted a webinar to provide background information about community solar. You can watch the webinar here.