Solar Owner’s Manual

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 Solar Maintenance Made Simple.

Now that you’ve installed solar panels on your home, what happens next? We’ve created a comprehensive 20-page guide about solar panel ownership and maintenance.

The Solar Owner’s Manual includes answers to questions like:

1. How do I read my electric bill and what if I have a billing issue?

2. How will I know if something isn’t working and who do I ask for help?

3. Is my solar production guaranteed?

4. How do I make a claim on my warranty?

5. What happens when the power goes out?

6. Should I get solar check-ups? Why or why not?

SUN represents solar homeowners like you all over the country. We’ve helped more than 5,000 families go solar, and we’ve worked to protect solar rights like net metering. This work has given us a unique perspective on the issues that solar users face.

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