Can I install solar on a mobile, manufactured, or modular home?

By Krystal Persaud on May 13, 2021

Generally speaking, it can be more difficult to install solar on these types of homes. The structural design of the home, the foundation of the home’s site, and local building codes can all prevent a solar system from being installed, regardless of structural integrity.

Manufactured homes might not be able to support a solar installation on the roof, which means you could not install panels directly on the home. We recommend having an installer check to see if the roof can support a solar system. Sometimes they can. Manufactured homes are built according to national HUD building codes, which override state and local codes. For this reason alone, the home may be disqualified for solar depending on local standards for installation. Similarly, local building code may require a home to have a permanent foundation for a solar installation to occur.

Modular homes may present the same challenges of structural integrity as manufactured homes. However, modular homes are built to state and local codes specific to the location where the home will be placed. If the roof and site are able to support a solar installation, it may be a bit easier for the system to pass permitting. As with manufactured homes, we recommend having an installer check the roof and site first.

With either type of home, if you find that the roof is not eligible, you may still be able to install a ground-mounted system on your property or a rooftop system on a nearby structure that can support it, like a carport or pergola.